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Meet Central Florida's Top-Rated Bass Guide, Captain, Paul Dampier, and Fish-N-Maniac Bass Charters

About Captain Paul Dampier

Captain Paul was born and raised in Florida. He was introduced early into his home waters at a very early age. He started learning about the basics like the right fishing gear and bait to use according to the target species, timing, and many more—all through the guidance of his father. He would look forward to weekend fishing trips or summer fishing getaways with the family. It excites him the most to visit and fish at different fishing spots as it broadens his knowledge and gains new learnings every time he encounters something new for the first time. His most fond memory would be growing up fishing with his dad on Lake Okeechobee for Specks (Crappies to our northern friends) and Trophy Bass.

One of the darkest days of his life was his dad’s passing. Even though he was really affected by this sad event, he tried his best to remain strong and he has used this chapter of his life to improve and strengthen his angling skills because, for him, it is one of his father’s legacies. 

His older brother continued to teach Paul and build upon his love for the outdoors and fishing. He never gave up on his true passion and even got more inspired. Following his dad’s footsteps, he walked on a straight path with the goal to become better every day. With his determination and perseverance, he has gained extensive knowledge of what the fish eat, their seasonal patterns, and how they react to Florida’s ever-changing weather.

Currently, Captain Paul has become a true expert in terms of navigating and fishing Florida’s lakes, ponds, and canals and has been continuously doing this almost his entire life. It is undeniable that he is very well-versed in the different kinds of lures and baits that are best to use on different species, particularly for Bass fishing. He now operates his own fishing guide company called Fish Maniac Bass Charters and he uses every opportunity to spread the art of this sport to his guests.


Fish Maniac Bass Charters specializes in catching Bass on Stick Marsh Fishing, Farm 13 Fishing, and other lakes and canals in Florida. Furthermore, the company offers a wide range of fishing techniques, from top water to deep water, and the use of different types of lures and baits. Paul is very well-versed in the different kinds of lures and baits that are best to use on different species, particularly for Bass fishing.

Most Suitable Guests:

Fish Maniac Bass Charters is suitable for all levels of anglers, from beginners to experienced fishers. Furthermore, Paul loves to teach people the art of Bass fishing and he provides all the necessary gear so that everyone can experience a great adventure on the water. Whether you’re looking for a fun fishing trip with your family and friends or a guided tour to explore the best Bass fishing spots in Florida, Fish Maniac Bass Charters is the perfect choice.

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